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Post by OThompson »

Hi all,

Had an update pop up on my screen this morning.
Something about small improvements to the shop?

Anyone have any more details on this?


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Don’t know the details, but mine did that update this morning, pop up said update was available, something about store improvements. Accepted it and it did it within a few minutes on a short trip.
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Post by Daveion »

Mine went through early evening yesterday but I couldn't see anything different in the shop.
It asked me to sign in through the Cupra portal as I hadn't logged in for some time???
When I checked on updates a couple of hours later it showed 2. One was the shop and the other the digital manual. There was nothing there before this update.
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Post by Shahev »

Is the Born on the ID3 equivalent of 3.1 or 3.2? Asking as our Born scheduled for manufacturing second week in February and trying to think ahead of the work arounds!
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Post by Elea4 »

Version 3.1 is indistinguishable from 3.2 on the system information page (both use version 0561) as that simply reports the ICAS3 entertainment system version which didn't get updated in 3.2. However, other systems were indeed upgraded in 3.2 which was first rolled out on MEB vehicles manufactured after the VW factory holidays in August.

On that note, Connected Travel Assist only came around with 3.2.

Speculation: 3.4 was allegedly going to be installed in all VW/Cupra/Skoda MEB vehicles manufactured as of week 48, 2022. (Audi uses their own OS for the MEB entertainment system but most of the other systems are running the same software, eg. ICAS1 Renesas R-Car M3, Conti VCU, ADAS REM Mobileye Camera, ADAS Radar, BMS, etc.)

There is very little info about what 3.4 will bring, but one thing I noticed in the Born brochures is that Trained Park Assist is coincidentally only potentially available as of week 48 so I presume that will be one of the features for those that order that package which is now called Pilot XL+ in Germany.
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Post by Shahev »

@Elea4 thank you
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