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Post by KEV1L »

I got so annoyed by this that I've now deleted the primary user account in the car. A few observations:

The good:
- No more confirming the user when starting the car
- No more "new user settings are available"
- No more settings amnesia

The Bad:
- No app (obvs)
- Can't send directions to the satnav from phone
- Car is now in "Offline Mode" unless you enable the two privacy settings (every time you get in). I'm not sure what I'm missing out on though. Satnav seems to still work fine.
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Post by Michaelyzf1 »


When I got mine 7 weeks back I decided to leave the my cupra app alone for a period of time, to see how infotainment performed without it.

It was faultless. Took a bit of getting used to, like a new laptop would.
Once familiarised I was using no problem.

Loaded app and connected to car 1 week back.

1st thing there was an update, which I downloaded.
Then I got the new settings thing for about 3 days.
Lighting colour changing back from the colour I chose.
No other changes detected.
It stopped changing the colour now.
The only thing I have done is shutdown the app straight after making colour change.

The only advantages to having the app I can see so far are : -

Loading any software updates

Check the charging state remotely, has saved me from wasting free charging opportunity when I made an error with a podpoint and it stopped after 15 minutes.

Still love the born tho

Regards Michael
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Post by monkeyhanger »

Yes, the app is almost useless - it worked so much better on the ID3 with software 2.3, in that I didn't get harassed to log in with the car every time I got in it.

Having the car then chase me for a minor infotainment update regularly, which seems to do nothing but cock-up my climate/temp settings, i'm really wishing I passed on the offer to upload my profile.
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