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Post by alex1337 »

I'm coming from a Golf 7 with standard sound system and due to get my Born in the next couple of weeks. I haven't got the beats pack as couldn't be picky as it was stock. Am I gonna be shocked at the sound system or is it generally fine? It's on lease so I can't mod it
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Betty b
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Depending on how much you like your music, I personally found it disappointing but other’s have said it’s ok.
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Post by Boris7 »

The standard sound system is perfectly acceptable, I had 2 test drives and especially on the second drive I tested the speakers with my own choice of music, designed to push the limit.

But I’ve ordered the beats anyway, reason being the cars knocking on the doors of £44k anyway and I love my music so £450 for better sounds is nether here nor there.
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Post by alex1337 »

Cheers guys, I'm no audiophile so hopefully they'll be adequate enough for casual enjoyment of some choons
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Post by SimonH »

I was expecting it not to be great but it's actually not bad at all, lack of rear speakers is a bit disappointing but not the end of the world for me.
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Post by antoniomapinho »

I confess I was pleasantly surprised; for a standard sound system it performs above what I expected, apart for from the lack of rear speakers. While its absence does not directly impact sound quality itself, you do lack the involvement of having the sound coming from the back too. Compared to my Corolla, which is also not bad for a standard sound system, this one is a notch or two above. Had I speced it myself, I'd probably go with the Beats SS, but, like many others, I was bound to an already available trim level so as to not be several months in the waiting
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Post by KEV1L »

I was really disappointed by the standard setup, partly as it’s pretty thin sounding, but mostly as the non-beats setup only has front speakers, I’m so gutted I missed that at ordering for the sake of £400.
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Post by monkeyhanger »

As someone who's never really gone "aftermarket" on car audio, I find the standard set up adequate, for the front seats at least. I'll never sit in the back. As EVs are noticeably quieter than most ICE cars, there's a real opportunity to have your tunes with much less background noise, to appreciate the differences better.
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Post by dav0001 »

The sound for music radio etc is quite good but the sound for the Navigation system and system sounds is terrible it sounds like the speakers have loose components the volume need to be kept very low.
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Post by CasioDan91 »

Brothers after I changed the battery of the car the radio went into safe mode and i read online that i need a unlock code, i own a Seat 2014. Does anyone know where I can get it? I can do it online or i have to take the car the to a dealership? Thank you!
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