First reasonoble length drive.... Hmm

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I’ve never had anything like the problems others seem to have with charging. Since getting my first EV in March I’ve only been to two chargers that didn’t work. One they rebooted when I called and the other the whole row was down for maintenance so I just drove on the the backup charger I’d planned in.

I don’t do lots of long trips though so perhaps that’s why or I’ve just been lucky. For me having an EV is painless and much cheaper to run. I spent £23.81 on electric for the car last month and it would have cost over £130 in petrol for the same.

Just wish VAG would sort out their dog crap software.

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I love the excitement of the roulette wheel that is being told there's an infotainment update...

Will it randomly put heating up to 22C?
Will it turn on A/C?
Will it make the wing mirror forget to dip on L? :lol:
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Only reason I charged when at 50% was because I knew I was going past that charger, I know that charger, it had a coffee shop, and it takes another 80% to get home from there.
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Born Leccy wrote: Tue Jan 03, 2023 4:34 pm There’s a setting for the wheel heater to turn on at start of journey depending on temperature. So if that setting is off are you saying that the car will still turn the wheel heater on if it has somehow “learned” that it should?

It annoys the hell out of me when the wheel is heated without me wanting it to be and I always immediately turn it off, if what you say is right it must be a slow learner!
Oh this is interesting! I'm going to see if I can turn it off, my hands are well done by now...
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Yeah, that heated wheel at start of journey etc. setting is at the bottom of the CLIMA settings screen

My wheel came on this morning, it was 12 degrees 😡
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