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Post by daern » Wed Jan 04, 2023 9:31 am

A few observations after the recent cold spell in December:
  • The remote heating worked almost flawlessly throughout with I think just one blip from the VAG API which knocked it off for one morning
  • Generally, it only needed around 10 minutes of heating, regardless of outside temperature, to be completely defrosted and to reach a comfortable temperature inside. We've taken to heating later and for less time, which saves a bit of battery.
  • We never heat with the car powered from the charger, but only using battery so we're heating with cheap, overnight electricity. Range isn't an issue for us, although it's clearly been decimated by the cold weather
  • I never used the remote heated seats (admittedly, because we've not implemented it in the HA interface yet!) but if the whole cabin is toasty warm when you get in, they were rarely missed
  • Finally found how to use the heated mirrors. It turns out that these work much better when turned on :-)
  • Because of the very effective cabin pre-heating, this is the first car I've had where I didn't miss the heated windscreen on my Volvo. Being honest, the Cupra's full cabin heating is much more impressive at clearing all of the windows, not just the windscreen.
All in all, very high WAF from this and we are extremely happy. My wife uses it almost every morning now and we've now settled on a physical button in the kitchen that she can press to start the heaters up when she wants to. Before this cold snap, I was lamenting the lack of remote seat heating / rear window in the HA integration, but I'm much less bothered about this now.

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