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Post by UniqueUser1 »

Hi everyone,

I was randomly browsing auto trader and saw an cupra born V2 with what looks like a software update having been applied.

The mini screen behind the steering wheel now displays trip details like average speed, mi/KwH since start etc.

Does anyone know how to enable this on their cupra?

Thank you
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Post by Nacaduct »

AFAIK, that is software version 3.1 and has not been pushed out to users yet.
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Post by benjie »

I have that, not sure if I am on 3.1 or not (collected 10 days ago). To see that stuff, I wipe left on the View button next to the volume control on the steering wheel. You can have 3 displays I think. Assistants on the left and speed on the right, speed on the left and nav on the right, or speed on the left and consumption on the right.

(Happy to be corrected on this as. despite driving the car 3hrs ago, I can't quite remember)
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Post by Elea4 »

fwiw thus far in Germany nobody has received an OTA update - however most Borns whose production started after the July/August factory holiday shipped with 3.1, aka Software version 0561 on the system info page.
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Post by Pederb »

So far it is only available pre-installed, no OTA updates for older version yet


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