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Every time we switch the car ignition on, it reverts back to the default driving mode, how do we force the car to remember the last driving mode ? It’s so annoying, I need it to stay on ‘range” driving mode.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Post by monkeyhanger »

It's not a Born thing, It's a VAG thing - has happened on every VW or Audi i've had since 2013.

The driving mode choice reverts to a certain one, or if it doesn't, the responses within the selected mode revert to a default e.g. on my old Golf R, I used to leave it in "Race", and it would still be in Race for next ignition cycle, but the throttle response was as per "normal" mode unless I cycled out of it and back into it. Probably some EU directive on fuel saving making it default to a certain value. For my E-Boost with the satellite mode buttons on the steering wheel, it's not really a bother for me. If I can get my OBD11 working again, i'll have a poke around for retaining driving mode profiles beyond a single ignition cycle.
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It’s not a VAG thing at all - my old ‘19 Seat Ibiza kept driving modes as set.

I believe driving modes kan be kept with an OBD11 setting?
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Same problem. I want to keep the energy mode set as default, but cannot do it
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Me too. Why not allow you to choose 'Range' as the default?
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Why not allow you to choose 'Range' as the default?
Explained here: viewtopic.php?p=4057#p4057
Re. drive modes: Comfort is the default because of vehicle homologation, aka Conformity of Production for those in the UK: https://www.vehicle-certification-agenc ... roduction/

Sticking to homologation defaults is a strict affair in the EU. Sure you could argue that setting it to Range looks better in terms of increased WLTP - but then you no longer have a vehicle that delivers as much power as per the homologation specs.
That said, it is quite annoying.
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