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Post by fallinto » Fri Jul 15, 2022 10:32 pm


I wish I took a screenshot of the cupra online brochure but rest assured what I read was;

To avail of eboost you must have
>85% capacity for 77kw
>55% capacity for 58kw

I asked the dealer and he knew nothing about this neither did another dealer. It really doesnt make sense to me? and surely if anything the 77kw should have more flexibility / “eboost availability”over the 58kw? Also with most charging to only 80% this would render the eBoost usless on the 77kw battery. Anyone able to shed any light on this? I’m still debating which eboost to get. Finding out the above and if it still true puts me off the 77…

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Post by Daveion » Sat Jul 16, 2022 7:01 am

I have no idea but agree with your logic if that info is correct. I wanted an eboost but in reality I'm not even using performance mode on my V2.
I think resale of eboost cars though will be higher.
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Post by monkeyhanger » Sat Jul 16, 2022 7:07 am

Someone else mentioned this on the speakev forum, but I haven't seen it for myself on any literature anywhere, and even if \I had, the VAG brochures and pricelists are often littered with errors, so i'd have to wonder if it's genuine, given how restrictive those stipulations seem.

As you said, the 77kWh battery stipulation would render it useless for anyone following the standard VW guidance that you generally keep a charge from 80 - 20%, and almost half the time for the 58kWh one.

The wife and I each have a 58kWh E-Boost, and i've not seen any situations where the E-Boost has been unavailable to me. It'll only give you 15 seconds of continuous full throttle, but seeing as it takes about 6s to get to 60 (all of the official ID3 and Born 0-62 times look to be understated by around 0.5-0.6s), and the top speed is around 100mph (104mph?), you'd probably just about hit top speed from a standstill in that 15s.

Presumably the car's been designated E-boost to limit to 15s of full throttle either for insurance appeasement purposes (to get a lower risk rating, if it's treated like it only has 204ps), or because the motor/battery wiring hasn't been uprated for the extra current that'll flow during E-boosting. Not sure how long it takes for that 15s limit to top back up or reset between uses.
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