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At my recent visit to the dealership for my recall work I enquired about a new Born. A new V2 58kW eboost was just shy of £42k in Red. My car, a V2 non eboost in white, was valued at £26k at 15 months old with 7,600 miles. Was a bit taken back by the depreciation but have slept on it and not that bothered at the moment. I think the Born and other Legacy manufacturers EVs are overpriced and unless the costs come down in line with what's coming through from China the Legacy brands will struggle to sell.
Although I can't see myself in an MG4 or other Chinese car they are a lot of car for the money and with my pensions hit hard by recent inflation I may have to consider a Chinese alternative when time is up on my PCP.
I'm a Ford pensioner and entitled to a Ford Discount Voucher on a new car so over the next 12 months expect to see 2 new EVs from them in the Explorer and Puma but from what I have heard from ex colleagues they are going to be a similar cost to the Born and some.
I really rate my Born and preference would be another when the time comes so remain hopeful that market pressures from China will bring the costs down in time for me.
It seems to be going that way with lease deals with an ID3 Pro Performance close in price to an MG4 over 2 years. As for the MG4 XPOWER, what a power house that is for a mid £30k car, insane. So many new Chinese models coming through to challenge every market segment. Check out the HiPhi X and out Tesla.


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I my country they dropped the price by 5k€. Now the base model starts at 36.990€
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