Update 3.2.1 now available - TPI 93S2

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Post by Elea4 »

Whole bunch of fixes are available with the new 3.2.1 update - this has to be done at a dealership/workshop.

Ask for TPI 93S2:

https://www.cupraofficial.co.uk/owners/ ... a-software

Check your VIN to see if your vehicle qualifies:
https://checkout.cupraofficial.com.au/o ... ns-recalls

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Post by alex1337 »

I booked mine in for the steering issue to be looked at today and got told about this. I'm hoping it fixes the blank screen with no 'Ok' button so I don't have to turn the system on and off when it does it
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Post by MikeyB »

I've booked mine in, as I've had several of the issues listed. They're also going to do TP193Q2, and have allocated 2 days to the job. Fingers crossed it 'passes'!
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Post by D-C »

Mine has been done today in Worcester.

Hopefully collecting it shortly !
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Post by MikeBornV2 »

Please let us know how it goes, those early pioneers! I need to find a place near me that'll do it.
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Post by TheBornIDentity »

Mine has gone in today for its recallathon! Tyres, bonnet striker pin and they said it’s getting the software update and check for battery recall as both came up when they checked it in!

They said they need to keep it two days now instead of one… just hoping I get new tyres out of it :lol:
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Post by daern »

TheBornIDentity wrote: Tue Jul 18, 2023 6:39 pm They said they need to keep it two days now instead of one… just hoping I get new tyres out of it :lol:
I did, but ironically I've now got Contis on! Apparently, they had 4 x Goodyears ready to go, and then fitted two to another customer's car that morning so had a mad scramble to find something...anything...that would fit. Personally, think this is a winner!
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Post by UniqueUser1 »

For anyone who has had the recall completed, is this now showing as completed on the Cupra vin checker? I had the tyre check and bonnet pin completed a few months ago, but the Cupra vin checker is still showing as outstanding work to be completed.
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Post by Daveion »

I have started the ball rolling with 4 recalls that includes a Battery Control Module change? The dealerships that can do the latter are Southampton and Milton Keynes both of which are a real trek from me in Essex.
Anyone aware of nearer dealerships to South Essex that do the Battery recall?
Many thanks
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Post by D-C »

Hi all,

So my Born has been at the dealers since Tuesday !

The tyres have been done and since then they have been trying to do the software update 3.2.1

However there is an issue and they have told me they currently have a backlog of Borns now onsite as the update simply doesn’t install !

It seems the update to fix the software needs an update !

I’m collecting it today and they have said that once it’s resolved they will call be back up to get me in.
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