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I’m using OI with the Born too and I’m very happy with it.
To be honest I have got a bit fed up with the intelligent part so have optioned the car as a dumb device and now I just use the cars timer to access the 6 hour discount window.

It’s really helpful to have the discounted rate for the wheelie household at that time.

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I’m on IO and I’m using the octopus app to control the charging. So far (4th charge now) it’s gone smoothly. I plug-in when I get home, stop the charge on the Cupra app and then let octopus set the charge schedule.
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Just ordered our Born and switched to Octopus, we have solar panels with battery storage, ordered our Zappi off Octopus as well, so hopefully any excess can go towards the car now instead of back to the grid.

Just like to thank one of the forum members on here for the referral link. I will thank him when I get to 5 posts.
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I am finding IO great and it works provided Cupra keep their backend online (updating their certificates seems to be an issue). Regarding using a smart charger with solar capability and IO, the system logic does not work well. There are additional logic quirks when using battery storage with smart charger in solar mode.

The IO logic issue: In IO logic, Octopus sends a stop charge command to the car, so if the smart charger makes surplus Solar power available to the car, the car won’t start charging because it has been told to stop.

The solar surplus issue: Assuming the car has been told to charge after Octopus has sent its stop command, when there is surplus solar power the smart charger recognises this when the CT clamp sees power being exported. The smart charger then charges at the rate of the export it sees. If more power is exported (I.E. the solar power increases) then the smart charger increases its output to the car to reduce the export back to zero. The problem comes when the sun goes in (behind a cloud for example) and the battery takes on the “house” load. In this case the “House” load includes the power being sent to the car. The smart charger does not see any reversal of the exported power, which is what would be expected if there were no battery, so it does not reduce its output. The end result is that the battery gets drained when the sun goes in (or when it sets).

The only solution I have found to this is using a home assistant running on a raspberry Pi with some automations to work around each of the issues above.
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