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Post by Stevo1903 »

Just seen a short video regarding a trial of the new ‘travel assist’ feature.
Just wondered if anyone had tried it and what they thought of it?
Link to video
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Post by Elea4 »

Please note, Connected Travel Assist is a subscription enhancement for Travel Assist... wherever the latter is available. Is Travel Assist available yet in the UK? All I could see just now was Pilot L with the following:

- Top view camera
- Lane keeping system plus semi-automatic vehicle control in a medical emergency and traffic jam assist
- Rear traffic alert and lane change system and exit warning system
- Intelligent park assist IPA

I ordered my Born in January 2022 in Germany and opted for the Pilot XL package which featured Travel Assist + Connected Travel Assist + Intelligent Park Assist (but not Trained Park Assist which memorizes parking spots and is now found here in the Pilot XL+ pack).

When I finally received the vehicle in November, Connected Travel Assist was not yet available for "purchase" from the Cupra in-car store app as it would show error "ERR_BEN_A0000" every time I tried. And by "purchase" it means that Cupra lets you order it for free for the first 3 years, after which I suspect it'll cost upwards of 100 euro / year :?

For whatever reason and as others have consistently experienced it usually takes about a week before ordering it is actually possible.

Anyhow, I had a week to try out regular Travel Assist and then later compare it to Connected Travel Assist.

For city driving, it makes me feel a bit like the driving instructor whenever Connected Travel Assist can't figure out exactly where the lane markings are, especially in construction zones. Picture that someone else is trying to steer at the same time as you - sometimes you agree and let it do its thing, other times you have to coax the wheel in the other direction.

I bet it would (pardon the pun) drive a lot of people crazy. Personally I find its choices at times amusing but overall more relaxing. Unlike others it hasn't tried to kill me yet lol. One time it bumped the tire against a curb while going around a tight corner but the rim wasn't damaged and I didn't notice any scuffs.

Without Connected Travel Assist, Travel Assist is just ...dumber. 2-3 pints dumber, especially for city driving. Travel Assist is pretty decent on the highway though, as seen in this video that I already posted in the OBD 11 thread:

(keep in mind that either a capacitive sensor has been installed and/or modified or the software has been re-coded as he's not touching the steering wheel at all!)

Is it worth it? For highway driving Connected Travel Assist brings a tangible sense of accuracy and security. I've never driven a Tesla - nor do I plan to - so I can't otherwise compare. When it comes time to actually pay for it in 3 years I really can't say if I'll do it.
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Post by borntoride »

It sounds really handy but still has some quirks to work out. I'm curious - do you know if these driver assist features are available in Korea yet? I'll be taking a road trip there later this year and any help navigating unfamiliar areas would be great. Though I imagine the tech may lag behind Europe. If it is available, do you have any tips on using it overseas? I'm also reading some guides about the country to have some knowledge before going there ... -know-5254
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