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Hi, I've had the car about a month (V2 77KW), great to drive but I'm really surprised at the number of unresolved software bugs. From looking through the forums a lot of these seem to be specific to individual cars, i.e. things work on some but not on others. If all the problems were common to all cars it would presumably make it easier to get software fixes, but that isn't the case. The biggest issue I have is that I cant get the scheduled charging to work. I'm using a basic Rolec dumb charger so want to use the car to schedule charging on the cheap overninght tariff. I've set up the location (Home) and then a charging routine which I have ticked. When I arrive home in theory the car is supposed to know I am in a saved location and default to the saved charging schedule. But it doesn't do that and defaults to charge now and if I plug it in it will charge immediately. Only on one occasion has it actually worked properly and defaulted to the correct charging schedule. I've also tried setting up another saved location a few miles away but it doesn't work there either. I'm assuming the GPS in the car is working because in the map on the app it knows the car's location. I've deleted the location and routines and re input them numerous times but still not working. This means that whenever I want to charge the car overnight I have to manually select the charge before departure option otherwise it charges straight away at full tariff.

Question is has anyone else had this specific issue and how did they fix it?


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Hi there. I’ve posted the same issue a few days ago. I am having exactly the same issue and can’t find how to make the car default to charging at preferred times. I’m learning to move with it but seems a software oversight.
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I have been experiencing the same issues as you describe while using a Hypervolt 2.0 and relying on the Born’s “Charge at preferred times”.
The biggest issue is as you describe, where the car “forgets” the charge at preferred times and reverts to Charge immediately. The way I have worked around this is to plug the car in, open the My Cupra app and select the “charge at preferred times” button on the far right of the charging screen. The green light will then indicate charging for a few seconds ("Breathing" green light) then change to flashing green light.

Another issue I found was that the car started charging at the start time of an inactive time block. The specifics were, first time block set to 0030-0730, and the button in the on position. The other 3 time blocks were off and left at their default times (starting at 2200). The car started charging at 2200, even though those time blocks were turned off. The work around for this was to set all 4 time blocks to my chosen times of 0030-0730 and only turn one of them on.

I agree it is frustrating that we have to open the (sub-standard) app to ensure the routine works. Let’s hope Cupra Digital can get this one fixed too. I have so many open tickets with them, I can’t remember if this specific issue was included in any of them.
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I am having the same problems with my new Cupra.
Does anyone have a solution to this?
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I have a different issue where I cant even set any scheduled charges from the infotainment + getting the car to charge via initiation from the EV charger doesn't work. Almost like once car has been left a while it rejects charge requests
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