Born and Id3 on order- which to keep?

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Post by Cliffjp »

I have an Id3 (life pro perf, heat pump, bike hitch) on order due March and a Born V2 e boost, tech L due in Oct.

I definitely want to take delivery of the Born as I don’t want to wait another 5 months for the Id3. I like the idea of the extra power of the E boost (not a deal breaker though) but would also quite like the bike hitch (again, I can live without it).

I am trying to decide whether to cancel the Id3 order ( I would obv make sure I am happy with the Born first) or postpone cancelling the Id3 order until the last moment to keep my options open for replacing the Born or perhaps selling the Id3 potentially for a profit.

On the other hand, I might be more likely to lose my £500 deposit on the Id3 if I delay cancelling.

My gut feeling is to keep the Id3 order going- I got a 5% discount- and it seems likely there will be another substantial price increase before it arrives.

Any thoughts?

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Post by Daveion »

I came from an ID3 to the Born and still have a new ID3 on 12 months on.
I will almost certainly cancel my ID3 any day now.
Having had both the Born for me is a much nicer car all round. Interior especially.
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Post by monkeyhanger »

If the used prices hold due to lack of supply, along with the price rise you are likely to turn a profit on an ID3 if you stick it on Motorway not so clear cut as you only had a £500 discount, but either way, that dealer could sell it in days and should definitely not keep your deposit if you decide to cancel now, or at a later date. If I were waiting for an ID3 ordered ages ago with discount/grant applied, I would definitely be keeping the order going to sell later.

I would bet my house that you'll prefer the Born to the ID3 if both were sat in front of you right now. We had 2 ID3s before swapping to 2 Borns.
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Post by Cliffjp »

Thanks Monkeyhanger, actually the discount on the Id3 is £2000.
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Post by Blackeunos »

Had an iD.3 Life Pro, changed to a Born V1, much prefer the Born overall, both have pros and cons.
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