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Post by daern » Wed Jan 18, 2023 8:05 pm

WoT wrote:
Wed Jan 18, 2023 6:45 pm
Many thanks for that. The big step is probably your first point - the charger has control. So I just set it up (on the wallbox) to do 80% by 7.30am tomorrow, and it's away. The Ohme app (which I wasn't ready to trust) seems to be pretty well integrated with the wall charger and is showing me what it plans to do - unlike the Cupra app which doesn't . I'll experiment with ramping the chargepoint up to 90% next ,to see if the car chokes it at 80%.
I haven't yet found a current (geddit) provider who offers off-peak rates, it seems to be a universal victim of the energy pricing issues. Given my experience so far, I'm in no rush to embrace that level of sofware finesse. But you've laid out the path, so - thanks again
My Ohme Pro won't manage charge levels on the car, so you can't set it to "charge to 80%" or similar. It has no idea what the car battery level is, so cannot detect when to turn off. It can effectively schedule charging based on cheap tariffs (when configured to do so), so I let the Ohme manage the charge window, and the car manage the percentage cut-off. I find this a convenient way to do it as when I plug into a (free) supermarket charger, it'll just start charging to 80% without any interaction as the schedule only applies when plugged in at home (and I'm paying the bill!)

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Post by WoT » Mon Jan 23, 2023 9:32 am

I did my first ever attempt at 100% for a longer trip, and it was a partial success. First, I tried to remove all reference to routines in the car systems. Off it went, claiming to be doing 100%: I found that I'd set the car to preserve the battery, as an option: the car had choked the supply to optimise battery and therefore wouldn't allow the full 7kw to 100% in the timeslot I set. I had to remove the battery optimisation in the car, and then set the charger to max charging (after several resets of car and charger) to get to 94% when I left. Then I got home, set the wall charger to 90% but the in-car setting to 80%, yet it charged to 84% - I stopped it - obviously the car setting of 80% wasn't working. I think perhaps I need to set the 80% in the car and only then plug in the wall charger. The Ohme app is very good, and the poor Cupra app is of little use, in my experimentation.
It's all very painful. This ought to be as easy as setting the central heating clock - which I can do, I promise.
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