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Hi everyone,

Anyone on here with EDF for the electricity? Reason for asking is because we are and with my Born on order, at some point soon I'll look to start using their EV tariff. I just had a few questions regarding their EV tariff that I was hoping someone would be able to help with.

1) Will any charge point work? They recommend PodPoint but I assume it's a recommendation and not a necessity as I was looking at Hypervolt?

2) Is it quite easy to access ? What I mean by this is , is it easy to start using their EV tariff?

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Post by Boris7 »

I’m NOT with EDF, but looking at their tariffs on line you’d be best advised to get comparisons maybe via Martin Lewis ... y-tariffs/

I have a Zappi and both it and the Born work with Intelligent Go, what I like is the lower 6 hours charge my solar batteries and we can do all the washing, dish washer etc also during that time, and unlike Go that still gives us fully charged solar batteries at 05:30 as well as the Born being charged at that point also.

With the Zappi on Eco+ it will not charge from mains power outside the 6 low rate hours meaning I get max charging from excess solar.
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