Possible overheating problem?

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Morning everyone,

I picked up my ‘72 Born V2 E-boost a few weeks ago, loving it so far, however it appears to be behaving like it’s overheating.

After extended motorway driving, the fan in the front is coming on. This fan then runs for a good 15 minutes once parked.

In itself, this is not a problem - something is getting warm (presumably the batteries from the constant load of 70mph non-stop driving), and therefore the fan kicks in to protect the car, but I know several people with Borns or ID3s and they all say that they have never come across this. I asked on the Facebook forum, everyone said they have never heard it either.

I have driven electric cars for 8 years, never had a fan come on before either.

My concern is there is something wrong with the car. I can’t get it booked into my local dealer till January so I had VW Assist come out (upon the suggestion of the dealer), they ran diagnostics and found nothing wrong in terms there were no error messages. So on the face of it there is nothing wrong, but the fan keeps coming on and it doesn’t for anyone else.

Note this fan is so loud that you can hear it as you drive along, so it’s louder than the road noise at 70mph.

Here is a link to the Facebook post as it seems I can’t post a video here:

Thanks for your help, Tony

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Fans coming on and being noisy after driving is quite normal, in the cooler weather now, my car has no fans after parking up, my neighbours model Y fans run a while after parking on every journey it seems. Fans on and audible while driving doesn't sound normal. Could be a simple sensor/thermostat fault and hopefully nothing more complex, would get it checked though, maybe worth going further afield for another dealer?
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its a normal part of the operation of an EV, thermal management of the battery is important and unless the car is yelling at you I wouldn't worry or even compare it to another brand.
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