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Post by Prospector » Mon Jan 23, 2023 8:40 pm

Hello all, I have been lurking a couple of days after my Born arrived last week. First EV, though have test driven a couple of other EVs. Mark 1 Leaf had really poor range and the Tesla S felt really heavy (particularly going around roundabouts) and realistically out of my price range.

I’m very pleased with the handling of the born. First drive to work was a bit of :shock: with only 2.2mi/kWh. Though it was icy cold here in the South West of the UK and I hadn’t fully pre-heated - started the pre-heat with the app 15 mins before leaving. Since then been giving at least the full 30mins of pre-heat and getting over 3mi/kWh.

Absolutely loving the ACC, only the 2nd car I’ve driven with it, the other was a hire car (Corolla) a few weeks ago and I only managed to get it working on that car once. On the Born minimum of fuss. Dial in the speed limit (or hit set) activate and the commute just got a lot less stressful.

The haptic controls haven’t been as bad as some of the reviews make out. It’s still badly thought out for something like volume where instinctively you just hold down the button (which of course does nothing). One accidental press of the cruise control speed control so far…

I find the available shortcuts on the infotainment a bit random. I change the drive profile a lot, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of adding that screen to the shortcuts. So always two button presses to get to it.

I like the placement of the drive/reverse and the “get in and go” has grown on my more than I thought it would - I thought I’d miss using a start stop button.

Interior is classy, and the LED lighting is a nice touch. The kids like playing around with it.

I’ve mainly been commuting so focusing on range, at the weekend went for a burn on some bendy B roads and the Born brought a big smile to my face, solidly planted and gliding through bends.
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Post by smbmetal » Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:45 am

I recently looked at V2 Born at Motorpoint and it was the first time that I've had the opportunity to sit in one and I was very pleasantly surprised on the build quality the look of the car and the interior.

I like a low driving position and some other EV's I've sat in didn't really provide that, where as I thought the Born did. I didn't test drive it I think they sold it that weekend it came in.

Whilst something like a Tesla M3 is a rocket ship it makes me feel sick under the violent acceleration. I would hope that's not the case with the Born.

The MG4 was a nice car too (high driving position), but would say that Born is much better in most aspects. Can't comment on driving characteristics as I've only sat in both not test driven.

The Born is the first EV that has almost tempted me out of my current car. Perhaps the rumored face-lifted version might just do that.

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Post by daern » Wed Jan 25, 2023 11:05 am

smbmetal wrote:
Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:45 am
Perhaps the rumored face-lifted version might just do that.
The ID.3 is getting one, but I can't see anything too dramatic happening with the Cupra any time soon - first cars were only delivered in the UK in spring 2022, so it's been barely out a year! If there is anything, it'll be pretty minor in line with normal year on year model refreshes. TBH, it's already a nice looking car so I think it'll be a light touch.

Now a dual-motor model...well, that's a very different thing :-)

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Post by smbmetal » Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:45 pm

I was really disappointed with the ID.3 inside, to my eyes it was as bad as the reviews said. Being a huge VW fan when the ID.3 was announced, I thought that would be next and my first step into the EV world, however, there would be no way I could live with the low rent plastics and real drop in quality compared to my current car. No disrespect meant to any current or former ID.3 owners, I'm sure it's still a very good car to drive.

I think the MG4 rumored dual-motor might be the first small hatchback we see sub 5 seconds to 60 mph, but if it's like the Tesla M3, I'll pass on the motion sickness thanks.

Staying with the Cupra theme though, I'm not sure how well I would cope without any physical buttons for simple things like heating etc, I reckon I'd crash into 3 pedestrians and 4 cars just turning the heated seats on! Guess it's something you'd need to get used to, perhaps the mild face lift (if at all) will bring a couple of buttons back.

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Post by WoT » Wed Jan 25, 2023 3:29 pm

My first problem with the screen, was to avoid turning the heated seats on by accident. Straight to setting 3, which is very uncomfortable, a nasty surprise.
And you're right, screen controls are a pain. Today I did a 90-mile journey with a lowish margin of battery charge, so my wife acted as co-pilot, switching the heating on to demist the screen (and thaw our feet) every few minutes, and then back to sat-nav, and also she looked for a rapid charger on the route, while I focussed on the driving, as it was foggy on the M25. I think it's probably easier to land an airbus. Do airbusses have buttons?
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Post by dav0001 » Wed Jan 25, 2023 4:29 pm

Great to drive but range is poor in this weather I have not seen mine above 163 miles at 100% and have already had loads of issues with the infotainment system not responding due to messages such as sound settings will be available shortly ( I had no sound and no access to any of the touch screen functions such as drive assist etc) no help from Cupra eventually after looking at this forum and playing around I managed to get access again

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Post by smbmetal » Wed Jan 25, 2023 6:29 pm

I don’t think the Cupra will be the only EV with not so good range in the winter.

I’d be a rubbish EV driver as I leave my A/C on and climate set at 21 on auto and let the car decide where to distribute the air. I very rarely touch it once set. Guess that will mean that in an EV I’ll get about 4 miles of range in cold weather then haha. I’m too much of a dinosaur to change my ways. Even less so if you have to have a software degree to be able to go through 6,000 menus to turn the heating off or on, on the touch screen.

Now what I do think is brilliant though with an EV is to be able to warm or cool the cabin before you get in. What an awesome feature that is!

From reading many, many different car forums over the years, I don’t think the Cupra’s system is any worse than most modern one’s. Let’s hope with further software updates, they get it much better.

I tip my hat to all you early EV adopters, perhaps in another 12 months or so, I may also join the club lol. With my A/C and heating on with 4 miles of range haha.

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