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Post by Kebel » Tue Jan 24, 2023 11:51 am

First post and I'm in Ireland so times will be different (takes longer to get here) but my Dublin based dealer told me the Right Hand Drive cars for the UK and Ireland are transported together from the factory to the UK, with the cars ultimately destined for Ireland carrying on overland and then across the Irish Sea to Dublin.

Being an impatient type I have agreed to take a car which is already built (came off the line about a week ago) so dealer is expecting it will be delivered to him around mid to late February.

He's saying then to allow about a week for PDI / prep but has assured me me that I will be in the car before March. I have been dealing with the family owned dealership for a few years (this is the fifth car I bought off them) so at this stage I trust him as he's never given me a "bum steer" to date. Had a loaner for a full day and loved it so looking forward to taking delivery ASAP.

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