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Hi all. Picked up my V2 77kw toy on Tuesday and love it to bits.

Purchase from Bristol Seat was flawless. Wow... customer service does actually exist.
My friend ordered a Vauxhall at the beginning of the year and has had a total nightmare. It never did arrive. Mine was delivered exactly when they said.

Got the V2 77kw 230 in Quasar grey (which I love).
19" Typhoon alloys with copper details. Total must. Also got alloy insurance as.... well, wife and kerbs.

Upgraded the sound system to the Beats audio. I have heard people gripe about it, but I don't know what the standard system sounds like and this does more than good for me.

Tech(L) pack. Again.. well worth it.

Didn't bother with the adjustable suspension. Had it on my last car and I set it once and never changed it.

Just getting my head around the charging. Got a Zappi at home that is working fine. Just tried the 13A Amazon charger I bought and it surprised me how quickly it threw 10% in.

Boot liner off Amazon. Along with some silicon keys covers.

Seat Cupra Born car cover from Seat parts online.

Only issue so far is the pretty shaky Cupra App. Doesn't really seem to work all that well, so probably will give that a miss for the time being. Spent all evening last night with it not talking to the car at all.
I ended up using the Zappi app to monitor the charging.

Questions for the people in here (if you don't mind!)....

In car cameras. Anyone fitted one?
Why they don't include them in modern cars I never will understand but I have a front and a rear one from my last car. But, not many places it can go (especially the front one).
Under the mirror blocks a lot of view due to the steep windscreen angle.
I am thinking passenger side low level instead (by the A pillar).

BUT... where the heck to you find 12v ACC in a modern car! Gone are the good old days of pulling out the radio or the cigarette lighter for juice.

There is a 12v cigarette socket in the boot, but I have yet to find out how to actually get power out of it. That in theory could feed my rear camera.

I knew about it before I bought it..... touch slider controls. Why they think they are better than buttons I will never understand. The main gripe is the fact they are under the centre screen. I tend to accidentally rest my wrist on the touch bar to steady my hand to hit app buttons..... and either mess up the volume or the heating.

Anyway. Hello all!


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There area lot of dashcam options for hardwire - I have a Thinkware F770 front and back set up, with the permanent live coming from the central locking fuse and the switched live coming from the 12V socket in the boot. If you're not averse to pulling bits of trim with a trim removal tool and poking wires in trim seam gaps, you can properly fit one in less than 90 mins. There is acheap front only camera option that looks fairly OEM, but I'd rather trust a known make,using decent lenses and picture processing so it'll still pick up a number plate at speed, on a night. Mine also does parking monitoring too.
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I have noticed my Cupra App only updates the current charge level/battery status once I go outside and switch on the car for a few moments. Seems a bit pointless
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Ive got a V2 (Sept 23) with the standard sound system. Its poor. Does anyone know if it can be upgraded? Vibrates badly on bass with reasonable volume
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I have an OBD socket powered dashcam

My dashcam is Garmin, but is powered from a USB plug from the OBD socket - permanent 12v if required, and the switch. I imagine there are other OBD power adaptors from other companies too. I suspect the Garmin adaptor will power any USB powered dashcam but can't confirm.

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