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Ponk wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2024 7:02 am It happens every time you turn the car off, no updates are pending.

Anybody else had this?
I got this whilst the OUJ4 update was pending (see the last entry here: ... c-vehicles):
This update allows you to preset the correct power inverter settings for future software updates. This will help future efficiency improvements.

The first time you start driving after the update, it may happen that an automatic calibration will be carried out that will limit the power to 30-40 hm/h or 19-25 mph.

When you accelerate to this speed, you will feel a brief jerk. After releasing and accelerating again, full driving power will be available.

Installation of this update is needed to enable the installation of future Over-the-Air Updates.

This update does not increase the software version.

Update available only for ME 3.4 vehicles. (Produced between 28/11/22 and 09/04/23).

Rollout since: March 2024**
If you see no updates pending, leave the car for a while then when you come back it should be there again. I had a similar issue, in that I saw the update available on the "leaving" screen but wasn't able to do it at that moment. I came back to the car after 5 minutes to do the update, and there was no longer any update showing. The next day I tried again and it re-appeared. After installing that update I didn't get the drive warning any more.
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I just drove the car and when parking back home the message appeared, this time I pressed ok on the message and then got an install prompt. I guess the trick is to press “ok”, or, it gave the install prompt as it was within wifi range, not sure. Guess it will install without problems, wait and see.
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Ponk wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2024 7:02 amAnybody else had this?
We got it last week, but there was indeed an(other) update. It didn't actually tell us about the update, but navigating to the update/notifications area in the top right. Closed all the windows and applied it:


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My car went to the dealer the other day for a recall and I got this message as soon as I left the dealer, it did the little low power jerk thing the got asked to install the update. Installed it no problem
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