Puddle / mirror down lights extra marks in Cupra logo

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Roborn wrote: Thu Mar 28, 2024 1:38 pm Like I say they perform no function
They're called "puddle" lights for a reason: so you can see if there's a puddle of water or something else you don't want to step in just before getting into the car. No reason not to get them fixed for free under warranty, esp. common flaws like this one are often fixed with updated parts so they don't re-occur.
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Broken on mine too recently, just after 18months old. Good to know these have been fixed under warranty. Something to add to the other list of niggles I want addressed when it goes for its first service in a few months.
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Good luck! Don't let them fob you off... and don't let them charge you £99 like they tried to do to me due to "damage to the mirrors". 2nd dealership said it was very common and that they are replacing them all the time, and replaced no questions asked.
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