Wireless phone charging.

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Hi guys. We’ve had our V2 for a few days. There’s a place under the armrest that looks like a wireless phone charger. I put 3 different phones on it and nothing happens. There’s a symbol on the charger hinting that I need to read the manual. However my car doesn’t have a manual. Just a tiny read me booklet. Is this pad an actual charger? If so how do I make it work?

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It is a charger, but on my test drive it didn’t work with my iPhone SE.

I was told I need a different case and that iPhones are an issue, fix by said case.
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My Samsung S20+ works just fine, but I have the top of the phone near the bottom of the compartment and not had any issues. Hopefully that makes sense.
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It's really not very efficient and makes the phone quite hot in charging - far better to plug in, if you got a cable. Maybe the S20+ being a little bigger than most has less "shuffle room" in the tray than my S22.
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Apologies if this is a repeat post. I thought I already posted but I don’t see it.
I pulled it apart and there’s no wiring there. So I guess that explains it :)
Seems it only comes with tech packs. Didn’t want to pay for keyless entry (please steal my car) so I guess I didn’t pay for wireless charger either :)
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I'm working on a DIY retrofit for adding a wireless charger to non-tech pack vehicles. I'll let you know how I get on.
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Great I maybe interested if it all looks oem.
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Hi there
I didn’t spec the tech pack either. Massive regret!

Did you get anywhere with retrofit for the phone charger? The unit seems to be a standard vw group part but I can’t find the part number for the loom anywhere.

My dealer has given me a company that can do it. But it’s £560.
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I have the wireless charger. It does work with my iPhone 12 Pro Max, but as others have mentioned, it makes the phone quite hot (most wireless chargers do), and it charges pretty slowly. However, the worst part is that it only works if the phone is lined up with the left side of the "pad". As soon as I do even a gentle left turn the phone slides slightly to the right and it stops charging. I just always use a cable now.
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I have the wireless charger. It's far too fussy about the position of the phone and so on, I can't get it to work with my Pixel 7, it's pointless.
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