V3 20” winter tyres?

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Hi all,i take delivery of a new v3 58kw 230 in a week or two however i usually buy winter tyres even budgets do the job but i had bought 19” winter tyres for a Formentor I was about to get but i changed the order for a Born but im unsure if the 19’s would do the job though that might be a daft question as the v3 wheels are 20”s?
Any advice please?
Ps the winters for the Formentor v2 are unused but can’t return them unfortunately.

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If I understand the question correctly, you are asking if you can put a 19" tyre on a 20" wheel? No you can't. Your best bet is to either buy 19" wheels and put the Formentor tyres on them (if you can find a 19" wheel that fits the Born and the tyre) then swap the whole wheel each winter (that's what I do), or sell the tyres and buy the correct type. The Formentor is pretty popular so you may get lucky and they sell for a good price, especially if they are a common size. You could post some info on a Formentor forum maybe.
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