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I've had my Born v2 58kWh e-boost for a year now. 4 months after I had the car, roughly in Feb 2022 I started getting more beeping from the front right sensor. Even with nothing around in an empty car park, flat surface. This happens mainly in the rain or if visibility is low. I was constantly getting jolted back into my seat from the emergency breaking it does. I now reverse and move under 1-3mph to stop this from happening.

I understand with bad visibility it can affect the sensors, everyone at the dealerships is telling me the beeping is normal. But this didn't happen for the first 4 months (3 of which were in the winter). The beeping even happens when slowly moving in traffic, most of the time when going uphill.

My cars been looked at by 2 different dealerships, one replacing the control unit, the other replacing the infotainment screen (no idea why that would change anything)

And they only have the car for a day and if the conditions are good then they can't find a fault.

Is this normal? Has anyone had the same or similar issues?
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I have had the exact same problem and I also have had my cupra born for roughly 4 month.
Have you managed to fix your problem yet? As mine has only just arose and don't want it to keep happening as could be dangerous plus the beeping not coming on i slightly bumped my car and don't want it happening again.
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